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About us

Next Generation Press is the publishing arm of What Kids Can Do, Inc. (WKCD), a national nonprofit organization focused on bringing media attention to the voices of youth. Our titles feature voices of youth as a powerful force for justice, understanding, and social change. Whether from small rural communities or urban neighborhoods, young people speak here on issues that matter deeply to them.

WKCD was started in 2001 by educator Barbara Cervone and journalist Kathleen Cushman. In 2003, Cushman and forty high school students from four cities co-authored Fires in the Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from High School Students (The New Press, April 2003). The book offers blunt advice on turning classroom skirmishes for control into occasions for understanding. Its popularity among teachers nationwide inspired WKCD to launch Next Generation Press with a series of new book projects in 2005. WKCD also funds and works with student action research teams in high schools across the country.

Some Next Generation Press books are collaborative works by teenagers with adults; others present new youth writers and thinkers. All raise awareness of the rising generation as keepers and creators of vital knowledge and vision. Profits are reinvested to support new projects.



"SAT Bronx provides us with a different entry point for conversations about equity. It combines two codes and cultural lingos, reminding us that youth can conduct sharp analysis of complex factors and situations that are not cut-and-dried."
– Gregory Peters, San Francisco Center for Essential Small Schools (SFCESS)


“The remarkable stories in Pass It On testify to the power of community, of working together and helping one another. Each one inspires and gives hope, showing us the power of supportive relationships in the lives of youth.”
 —Mayor David Cicilline,
Providence, RI


“It seems fitting and important to enlist the next generation as social documenters of a changing India in this time of rapid globalization. They come with an open mind and fresh opinions—and this is the world they are inheriting.”
—Naresh Gupta,
Managing Director, Adobe India


“The village life Kambi ya Simba's youth document is at once ordinary and surprising, entrepreneurial and backward. Its dreams are both wide and narrow, its times both good and bad.”


“Using curiosity as their credentials, the teenagers—who are recent immigrants and still learning English—took tape recorders and digital cameras to document the lives of their neighbors, friends, and even family members. Forty-Cent Tip is the remarkable result.”
– Stephen Wolgast, NewsPhotographer


"The scientific components are as good as any I've seen, while the poems and personal reflections on nature, science and place help to bring the San Diego Bay area alive. Taken together, Perspectives of San Diego Bay captures the essence of not just a region, but of the deep connections between nature, science and humanity..."
– Thomas Hayden,
US News & World Report


First in the Family is PERFECT for our student population! I couldn’t imagine anything more useful or inspiring or informative.”
–   Lynne Marie Bruce,
Golden Gate HS


“This book is a bible for college preparatory services! There is really nothing else like this out there--there are tons of reports, but nothing else with faces, names, and the emotional resonance of First in the Family.”
– Emily Steinberg,
Admission Control


Sent to the Principal captures the essence of what Breaking Ranks II means by personalization. Giving students voice so that they can have an impact on their schooling and be engaged in the school community is an integral part of the school reform process.”
– John Nori, National Assoc. of Secondary School Principals


“Read every word of What We Can’t Tell You, as I did, and you’ll get to know these articulate teens by name. Consult it often, and you’ll become an accomplished and empathetic mentor.”
– Cathi Dunn MacRae,
Voices of Youth Advocates